Blus yg manis dan ” halus “

Blus warna pink muda motif bunga2 bahan katun halus ini adalah karya Letha, seorang murid yang penyabar, manis, halus tutur katanya.

Hasil karyanyapun sama dengan orangnya, rapi…….. istilah umumnya = kerjaannya halus.

About Wiwi Siat

Wiwi is a fashion designer who has served for more than 40 years. She specializes in slenderizing designs and Kebaya Nyonya, which is also called Kebaya Peranakan. She also owns and manages a fashion design school " Lembaga Kursus Tata Busana Wiwi " in Jakarta, and is a national certified examiner by Department of Education of Indonesia’s Fashion Vocational Division.
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